Energy Department Allocates $118 Million to Biofuel Projects


Late last week, the Department of Energy announced $118 million in funding to help expand U.S. biofuel production.

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says the funds will undoubtedly accelerate the innovations taking place at U.S. ethanol plants. “It will open many new opportunities for low-cost, low-carbon energy,” Skor says. She also points out that the president himself has said there will be no achieving the goal of net zero by 2050 without biofuels, and the announcement shows that the DOE is committed to that mission.

Skor; “We are excited to see new technologies scaled up with these funds, particularly the work underway at Marquis, Inc., a Growth Energy member that received $8 million for a project that combines CO2 with low-carbon hydrogen to create a new production stream of extra-low-carbon ethanol.”

A project like that will end up slashing carbon emissions by at least 70 percent or more compared to petroleum-based alternatives.