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Horticultural Products Drive Total U.S. Agricultural Import Growth

The value of U.S. agricultural imports grew an average of four percent a year between fiscal years 2012 and 2022, according to USDA’s Economic Research Service.

Total U.S. agricultural imports rose from $139 billion to $194 billion, with growth concentrated in select commodity groups. Horticultural products grew at a rate of six percent a year and, at $97.2 billion in value in 2022, accounted for 65 percent of the total growth in imports. Within the horticultural group, fresh fruits were the largest contributor at $17.9 billion, growing at an annual rate of nine percent over the period and accounting for 15 percent of total import growth.

Key commodities in the fresh fruit group include avocados, berries, and citrus, which the United States imports mostly from Latin American countries. Demand for horticultural products has largely been driven by consumer desire for year-round supply, changing consumer preferences, and foreign production that is increasingly competitive with domestically grown produce.

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