Miss Agriculture USA’s 1st Midwestern Winner


Maci Wehri is Miss Agriculture USA’s first Midwestern winner! Previous winners have been from Ohio and Pennsylvania. Maci was North Dakota Miss Agriculture before she won the national title of Miss Agriculture USA. She spent her childhood on her family’s ranch near Hebron, ND. Her older brother lost his life to a farming accident when she was 10 years old, which is why she has made “Farm Safety” her platform in the competition. Winning the crown has given her many opportunities to get in front of students, legislators, Ag groups, and others in the Agriculture community, not only in ND but around the country, to discuss and drive home the importance of farm safety even while doing routine operations.

She has also started a new ask and answer segment on her social media accounts called “Real Talk” with the theme being “Everything is not perfect in life, but if you embrace the imperfections then you’ll be so much better”. You can find her socials at “22nationalmissagricultureusa”.