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Ag Senators Call For Tougher U.S. Action Against Mexico on GMO Corn Ban

GOP ag-state senators repeatedly called on USDA and the USTR office at a farm bill trade hearing to bring a USMCA trade action against Mexico for its planned 2024 ban on GMO corn imports.

“We’re making the hardest job that God created even more difficult;” according to Indiana’s Mike Braun talking to USDA Undersecretary for Trade Alexis Taylor, recently back from talks in Mexico, on the need to act against that country and others blocking trade.

Iowa’s Chuck Grassley asked why the White House moved aggressively against Canada on dairy but not so far against Mexico for its planned GMO corn ban? Grassley; “Why has the Biden Administration not yet established such a dispute settlement process under the USMCA panel with Mexico on this issue of GMOs?”

Kansas’ Roger Marshall pointed out that the White House has triggered six such actions against Mexican labor practices. Marshall; “Meantime, the administration’s refused to trigger the USMCA to contest Mexico’s planned exclusion of American corn. Madame Secretary, our farmers feel like this administration is putting Mexican assembly workers ahead of farmers.”

Undersecretary Taylor insisted the administration is standing up to Mexico on science-based trade under USMCA.

Taylor; “This is a fundamental principle from the United States on what a global trading system is built upon and not something that we can walk away from or negotiate away from. We continue to have those discussions with our Mexican counterparts, and we’re reserving all the rights awarded to us under USMCA.”

But Taylor stressed the administration’s still “productively” engaging with Mexico and hopes to resolve the dispute without disrupting trade and harming U.S. growers and Mexican livestock producers.

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