Armstrong Introduces Legislation to Streamline Permitting for Cross-Border Energy Infrastructure


WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) announced the introduction of the Promoting Cross-Border Energy Infrastructure Act, which will encourage and promote the construction of energy infrastructure across the border with our North American neighbors.

“A president shouldn’t have the power to unilaterally cancel a project because of politics like President Biden did with the Keystone XL Pipeline,” said Congressman Armstrong“To be energy independent, we need to give our producers and allies regulatory certainty, not leave them subject to the whims of whatever administration happens to be in office. This bill provides clarity and will help North Dakota and our country remain an energy powerhouse.”

This bill establishes a more uniform, transparent, and modern process to authorize the construction, connection, operation, and maintenance of international border-crossing facilities for the import and export of oil and natural gas and the transmission of electricity. This process replaces the existing Presidential Permit process established through Executive Order with a statutorily directed process.

Under the bill, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will be authorized to review applications for cross-border oil and natural gas pipelines, and the Department of Energy (DOE) will be authorized to review applications for cross-border electric transmission facilities.

Substantially similar legislation passed the House in the 115th Congress with a bipartisan vote.

Full text of the legislation can be found here.