Bayer, Kimitec, Partner on Commercializing Biologicals


Bayer and Kimitec announced a new strategic partnership focused on accelerating the development and commercialization of biological crop protection solutions and biostimulants.

As part of a global agreement, both companies will become key partners to advance and establish biological solutions derived from natural sources: crop protection products that address pests, diseases and weeds, as well as biostimulants to promote plant growth. Kimitec operates Europe’s largest biotechnological innovation hub with 15 years of experience in researching and discovering natural molecules and compounds for agriculture. By leveraging Bayer’s product development expertise with Kimitec’s proven discovery capabilities, biological product development will be accelerated to build integrated crop management solutions that can scale and develop through Bayer’s global infrastructure backbone.

This includes field testing, product support and commercialization. Dr. Robert Reiter, Head of R&D for Bayer’s Crop Science division, says, “Bayer is committed to providing growers with the benefits of biological solutions as part of an integrated crop management system.”