Beef Exports Set Records in 2022, Pork Finishes Strong


American beef exports set records for both volume and value in 2022. Despite slowing toward the end of the year, beef exports reached 1.47 million metric tons, two percent above the previous high in 2021. Export value climbed to a record $11.68 billion, 10 percent higher than in 2021 and 40 percent above the previous five-year average.

“Last year was a groundbreaking year for American beef’s international presence, with global demand stronger than I’ve seen in all my years,” says Dan Halstrom, President and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation. Pork exports finished lower year-over-year, but the export value was the third-largest on-record. Pork exports were trending higher as December shipments reached 244,718 metric tons, up 13 percent year-over-year and the second-largest of 2022.

Higher December numbers pushed 2022 exports to 2.67 million metric tons, 8.5 percent below the previous year. Export value dropped five percent to $7.68 billion.