Diesel Technology Forum is Honored by Clean Fuels Alliance America


WASHINGTON (February 9, 2023) – Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) is honored to receive the Clean Fuels Alliance America Industry Partnership Award.

Clean Fuels Alliance America recognizes the Forum for its considerable industry influence in consistently, and vocally, demonstrating support for the use of biodiesel and renewable diesel in legacy and new technology diesel engines and equipment.

The honor was bestowed during the recent Clean Fuels Conference in Tampa, Florida. While presenting the Industry Partnership Award, Scott Fenwick, Technical Director for Clean Fuels Alliance America, noted, “The Diesel Technology Forum is highly engaged in areas of common interest with the clean fuels industry, including U.S. EPA regulatory activities regarding clean air, climate, emissions, health effects and mobile source emissions; transitions to a clean energy future; and decarbonization of transportation and other industrial sources. We value their active partnership and support.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with Clean Fuels Alliance America to help educate others about the advancements of these important fuels and their value to the nation’s economy,” says DTF’s Communications Director Jessica Puchala. “We also want to thank the Clean Fuels Alliance America team for noting the significant contributions of our long-time Executive Director Allen Schaeffer with this award. He’s led our Forum, and its wide-ranging educational efforts, for nearly 23 years.”

“The honor is a great surprise,” said Schaeffer. “I really appreciate it. Thank you to all of the members of the Diesel Technology Forum for their participation and support through the years. I’m thrilled to accept the award on behalf of the Forum.”

The Diesel Technology Forum is a not-for-profit educational organization of global leaders in advanced diesel engine, equipment, and fuels technology. The Forum’s work focuses on the sociability and sustainability of advanced diesel technology in a wide range of applications including commercial vehicles, power generation, marine, rail, construction and more.

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