FCC Commissioner Speaks Out on the Importance of AM Radio in EVs


Nathan Simington, a Commissioner for the Federal Communications Commission, spoke out on the continued importance of AM radio to public safety. He says the issue of continuing to include AM radios in electric vehicles deserves urgent attention.

“As electric vehicle adoption increases, we must not leave behind those in rural areas who depend on radio for their news and alerts,” Simington says. He points out that growing up in rural Saskatchewan was like living in a connectivity desert. “Back then, like now, radio was essential for staying connected,” he says. “While some things have changed, not enough has changed to eliminate the need for radio, and the situation is similar in the United States.”

He also believes the FCC has a duty to make clear how valuable AM radio is to its listeners. “Further, we should be good stewards of the AM radio band,” he says. “That includes safeguarding AM radio reception.”