ForGround by Bayer Expands its Regenerative Ag Platform, Collaborates with Three New Companies to Provide Additional Benefits to Farmers


St. Louis, Feb. 15, 2023 – Today, ForGround by Bayer announced the addition of three new companies – Great Plains Ag, Sound Agriculture and EarthOptics – to its growing network of  resources and expertise to help farmers be successful in adopting and implementing  regenerative agriculture practices. These innovative companies can help farmers unlock  insights, additional benefits and resources enabling them to accelerate and adopt new  practices. 

“While interest in practices like reduced-tillage and cover crops have steadily increased in  recent years, farmers still need robust support to be successful in exploring, adopting, and  sustaining regenerative agriculture practices,” notes Leo Bastos, Head of Global Commercial  Ecosystems, Bayer. “With a growing list of organizations that share our mission, we can help  ensure more farmers have the resources, tools and benefits to be successful in implementing  these practices and realize their return on investment.”  

By bringing a diverse set of organizations together, ForGround by Bayer is delivering even more  options to growers to help them mitigate risk, decrease input costs, optimize performance and  unlock insights on their fields. 

Today’s additions to the ForGround by Bayer platform offer cutting-edge tools and technologies  to farmers such as:

  • Great Plains Ag is a leader in planting, seeding and soil management equipment,  providing farmers with access to solutions to support them in their regenerative  agriculture journey. 
  • Sound Agriculture helps improve nutrient efficiency by activating the soil microbiome,  boosting or protecting yield performance as farmers consider practices like planting  cover crops or optimizing nitrogen utilization.
  • EarthOptics technologies create accurate, real-time data maps – including compaction,  carbon, moisture, nutrients and more – that give farmers the insights they need to unlock  the full potential of their farm’s soil. 

Great Plains Ag Division President, James Shurts, believes joining the ForGround by Bayer grower support network aligns with the company’s business goals to put farmers’ needs first.  

“Working within a broad network of innovative companies is the best way to ensure American  farmers have access to our agricultural industry’s best insights, tools, and practices,” said  Shurts. “Proper seeding is essential for a successful farm operation and growers are always  looking for ways to optimize their production.”  

A farmer-first digital platform, ForGround offers growers a variety of tools, resources, discounts  and the potential to earn revenue through the Bayer Carbon Program1for adopting regenerative  practices and connecting with businesses looking to advance their sustainability and carbon  goals. Since its launch in August 2022, farmers have enrolled millions of acres in the ForGround  by Bayer platform and it remains the only initiative in the industry that brings together a  comprehensive suite of grower resources to assist the adoption of regenerative ag practices all  in one place. 

“I was initially interested in ForGround in order to grow regenerative practices on our operation.  Last fall I ended up winning their La Crosse Seed sweepstakes” said Bryan Stanczyk, a corn  and soybean farmer in Nebraska and a ForGround by Bayer member. “I look forward to  expanding cover crops on my operation with the support of both La Crosse Seed and ForGround.” 

Underpinned by the Climate FieldView™ platform, the leading digital farming tool in the industry which provides cutting-edge digital tools to help farmers more easily collect, store and view field  data, ForGround by Bayer is working with more than 10 companies in different areas of focus.  These companies – including ETS/SoilWarrior®, La Crosse Seed and Continuum Ag, among  others – help provide broad expertise to both farmers and the program. For example,  ForGround by Bayer also collaborates with organizations like Perdue Agribusiness to offer  growers expanded revenue opportunities, and recently announced plans with Nori to turn farmers’ carbon-friendly practices into carbon removals that can then be sold on Nori’s  marketplace, which, in turn, can help further establish carbon markets for farmers both now and  in the future. 

These collaborations underscore Bayer’s commitment to reducing potential costs brought on by  the transition to regenerative agriculture practices by providing perks, incentives and rewards to  help farmers adopt more sustainable practices. ForGround by Bayer is free to join and open to  all U.S. farmers, whether they are exploring, growing, or expanding their regenerative  agriculture practices. For more information, visit


1 This Bayer Carbon Program described in this material is subject to the current version of the Bayer Carbon-Smart  Practices Master Agreement. The information is to aid in the understanding of the Bayer Carbon Program and does  not change or modify the Bayer Carbon-Smart Practices Master Agreement in any way. 

About Bayer 

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and  nutrition. Its products and services are designed to help people and the planet thrive by  supporting efforts to master the major challenges presented by a growing and aging global  population. Bayer is committed to driving sustainable development and generating a positive  impact with its businesses. At the same time, the Group aims to increase its earning power and  create value through innovation and growth. The Bayer brand stands for trust, reliability and  quality throughout the world. In fiscal 2021, the Group employed around 100,000 people and  had sales of 44.1 billion euros. R&D expenses before special items amounted to 5.3 billion  euros. For more information, go to

About Great Plains 

Great Plains Manufacturing, founded in 1976, employs over 2,000 people worldwide. It  encompasses five divisions: Great Plains Ag, which manufactures soil management and seed  placement equipment and other farm implements; Land Pride, which manufactures grounds  maintenance tools such as mowers, rototillers, rotary cutters, dirt-working equipment, and  construction equipment attachments; Great Plains International, which sells the company’s  products worldwide; Great Plains Trucking, which operates a nationwide fleet of flatbed trucks;  and Great Plains CE Division, which manufactures powered equipment for the construction  industry. Great Plains Mfg., Inc., is headquartered in Salina, Kansas. 

About Sound Agriculture 

Sound Agriculture develops nature-based solutions for tastier, healthier and more sustainable  food. Our breakthrough biochemical technology enables agriculture to adapt faster to climate  change and evolving consumer preferences, creating healthier food that is also better for the  

planet. SOURCE®, our flagship product, activates the microbiome to give crops access to more  of the nitrogen and phosphorus that exists in the field, improving yield and reducing synthetic  fertilizer in corn by up to 50 lbs. per acre. For more information, go to

About EarthOptics 

At EarthOptics, we see soil. Differently. GroundTruth Ag, Inc., dba EarthOptics, was founded in  2018 and has offices in Raleigh, North Carolina; Arlington and Blacksburg, Virginia;  Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Fayetteville, Arkansas. EarthOptics is an agricultural technology  company developing next-generation soil-sensing technologies that give growers revolutionary  insights into the physical characteristics of their soil. EarthOptics beat out three finalists and  more than 100 international agtech startup entries to win the AGCO Innovation Challenge  Award during the 2021 World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit. We believe that below-ground  precision and innovation in the soil space is long overdue. Our ultimate goal is to deliver point of-care soil health insights – related to physical, chemical, and biological attributes of soil – in  real time. To achieve this goal, we have assembled a team with diverse backgrounds in  engineering, software development, geospatial analytics, data science, machine learning, and  logistics and operations.