House Ag Chair Comments on CBO Baseline Projections


The House Agriculture Committee completed an analysis of the Congressional Budget Office’s farm bill baseline spending estimates.

The analysis shows that compared to anticipated mandatory spending under the 2018 Farm Bill, commodity support program support is expected to decrease by 12 percent, while spending on conservation, nutrition, and federal crop insurance are projected to increase by 19 percent, 82 percent, and 26 percent, respectively. Following the projections, House Ag Chair Glenn “GT” Thompson said the CBO baseline underscores what he’s been consistently hearing from producers around the country.

“In light of the record-high input costs and volatile markets and weather, improvements to farm policy are necessary and warranted,” he says. “Additionally, the roughly 80 percent increase to the baseline for nutrition programs since the last farm bill was enacted, namely due to the Biden Administration’s careless update to the Thrifty Food Plan, furthers the Committee’s obligation to oversight and accountability.”