Manitou Launches New M 30-4 AG Rough Terrain Forklift with Bin Clamp for Agricultural Operations


(West Bend, Wis) – Manitou is launching a new rough terrain forklift for the agricultural industry with a focus on industry required features, ease of use and simplicity of service: the all-new M 30-4 AG. This machine features 4-wheel drive, a high performance Deutz 74 hp engine with 24-inch rough terrain tires and two mast options for easy and confident operation on all surfaces. A new Manitou designed optional bin clamp is fully integrated into the machine for securing agricultural bins during transport, loading and unloading applications with best-in-class ‘through mast’ visibility.

“The M 30-4 AG model with bin clamp option provides a focused handling solution for agricultural customers and provides lower total cost of ownership (TCO) that Manitou is known for,” says Brian Rabe, product marketing and training manager, for Manitou North America. “The entire package of the machine, larger tires and optional bin clamp are extremely efficient and easy to operate. We’ve featured this machine with two mast options and a bin clamp that are all purpose-built by Manitou for gentle handling of bins and palletized materials on the orchard, market or farm.”  

The all-new M 30-4 AG features key operating capacities and specifications that are better than most competitors: a rated operating capacity of 6,063 pounds, a shorter overall width and length for greater maneuverability, tighter turning radius with the curved rear counterweight design and considerably greater ground clearances of 15.5 inches. 

Two mast options are available: a full visibility duplex (FVD) mast with a maximum fork height of 12 ft, and a free lift triplex (FLT) mast with a maximum fork height of 14 ft. It also features sideshift capabilities and tilting performance of 15 degrees forward and 12 degrees back. 

“The M 30-4 AG delivers considerable advantages in performance all while maintaining Manitou’s premium comfort and ease of operation,” says Rabe. “This ag spec’d model combined with the bin clamp option make for the best rough terrain forklift for harvesting through delivery. Say hello to the new orchard king.”

The M 30-4 AG is equipped with an open cab with ROPS and no glass — built for simplicity and lower TCO, especially in warm weather regions. Additional options for the M 30-4 AG include a semi-enclosed cab and door kit, a heating system, cold weather operating packages, LED lighting packages, and a Bluetooth radio setup can adapt this machine to your needs.  

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