New Report Predicts Crop Pest and Pathogen Risks


Pattern Ag Monday released its new Predictive Ag Report. The report can help corn and soybean farmers make better-informed decisions about managing impactful pests and pathogens, according to the company.

Specifically, the report provides information about corn rootworm and sudden death syndrome. Pattern Ag operates the world’s largest soil metagenomics database, with more than 200 billion DNA reads. The Predictive Ag Report is an anonymized, aggregated analysis of the Pattern Ag data. Available in print or digital form, the report predicts pest and pathogen risks 12 months in advance with more than 90 percent accuracy.

This information can help agronomists and farmers make better-informed pest management decisions when selecting seed varieties or crop protection inputs. Pattern Ag plans to make the Predictive Ag Report available annually to help corn and soybean farmers offset economic losses caused by yield-impacting diseases.

Farmers can receive a copy of the report by visiting