Partnership to Protect the U.S. from African Swine Fever


A new partnership was put in place at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Winter Policy Conference. NASDA, the USDA, the National Pork Board, and the National Pork Producers Council are working together to enhance coordination and preparedness to prevent and protect the United States from African swine fever.

“When you bring together state, federal, and industry groups with different strengths to take on challenges, you see a united force of resilience on all fronts,” says NASDA CEO Ted McKinney. “This collaboration will lead to better response to outbreaks and better animal health and welfare across the country.”

African swine fever hasn’t currently crossed into the U.S. but being prepared to respond and coordinate prevention methods at all levels better ensures the protection of America’s swine herds.

“We all play an important role in keeping American agriculture safe and working together enhances our efforts,” says NPPC President Terry Wolters.