2022 NWYC Quality Award Winners Include WestBred® Wheat Growers


ST. LOUIS (March. 14, 2023) — The 2022 National Wheat Yield Contest (NWYC) introduced  new grain quality awards and announced the winners in February. Six of the 11 inaugural  winners grew WestBred Wheat varieties. 

“These growers not only delivered award-winning yields but also produced the grain quality  properties the industry desires. We congratulate all the inaugural winners of the NWYC  Quality Awards,” said Jeff Koscelny, cereals account management lead, Bayer. “The WestBred  Wheat product development program focuses on yield, grain quality and agronomic traits.  The winning WestBred Wheat varieties for quality are excellent examples of products that  combine all those key attributes that growers need to be successful.” 

Wheat grain samples were submitted by the 2022 national yield winners and tested for end use quality. A panel of industry experts evaluated the results and selected the quality award  winners.  

WestBred Wheat varieties earned all three places in the Hard Red Winter category, two in the  Hard Red Spring category and one in the Hard White Spring category. 

WestBred national grain quality award winners include: 

Hard Red Winter 

  • Doug & Janelle Fitterer, New England, ND, with WB4309 variety that yielded 115.69 Bu/A 
  • Chris Carlson, Mott, ND, with KELDIN variety that yielded 107.71 Bu/A Brett Oelke, Hoxie, KS, with WB-GRAINFIELD variety that yielded 106.34 Bu/A


Hard Red Spring 

  • Matt Krueger, East Grand Forks, MN, with WB9590 variety that yielded 113.51 Bu/A Trevor Stout, Genesee, ID, with WB9303 variety that yielded 116.40 Bu/A

Hard White Spring 

  • Dallin Wilcox, Rexburg, ID, with WB7589 variety that yielded 160.63 Bu/A

“Eleven of the 24 national yield winners in the 2022 NWYC planted WestBred® Wheat  varieties, and over half of them have won in the quality category,” said Koscelny. “Year in and  year out our genetics continue to stand out, and growers choose WestBred Wheat for  consistently high performance.” 

Looking Forward to 2023 NWYC 

WestBred is proud to be a sponsor of the NWYC to showcase U.S. wheat production and wheat  grower innovation and productivity. We encourage farmers interested in competing in the  2023 contest to contact their WestBred seed supplier or local WestBred representative.  Official rules and entry deadlines are now available

About WestBred 

WestBred® Wheat provides seed suppliers and their growers access to high yield potential  wheat seed, as well as testing, education, resources and experienced representatives to help  maximize their yield potential.