American Farmland Trust Awards Over $1 Million in Microgrants to Farmers


For the first time, American Farmland Trust awarded more than $1 million in grants in a single year to 190 farmers across the country. The grants were from AFT’s Brighter Future Fund and the New England Farmer Microgrants Program.

Both microgrants programs seek to improve farm viability, facilitate farm transfer and succession, help farmers access farmland, and work to permanently protect farmland for future generations. AFT makes grants to farmers and ranchers to advance AFT’s mission to protect farmland, promote sound farming practices and keep farmers on the land. The grants help drive new solutions for resolving key challenges facing society by increasing the resilience of farms to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

AFT’s Ashley Brucker says, “we are helping farmers do things like convert a school bus to a mobile farmers market, access legal support for legacy planning and purchase firefighting equipment to cope with wildfires in a drought-stricken area.”