WOTUS Repeal Resolution Likely to Pass House, Possibly Senate


The U.S. House will likely pass a joint House-Senate resolution to repeal the Biden EPA’s controversial Waters of the U.S. rule. And one Senator says Republicans may have the votes to pass it in the Senate.

The Biden WOTUS rule could be dead soon after a House GOP majority likely passes a joint resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act, followed by a Senate vote. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says an identical measure sponsored by 49 Senate Republicans may pick up the needed two Democratic votes.

Grassley; “Manchin’s already on board to do it, and Tester’s a farmer, he knows how this affects farming. I don’t know how it affects Montana—probably a smaller percentage. But Tester knows how it affects farming when you’ve got to deal with the U.S. government on farming regulations.”

Farm, building, and other groups argue the Biden WOTUS rule reversing one by Trump will lead to more confusion, costs, and fines, even as the Supreme Court decides what’s a Water of the U.S. Separately, attorneys general from Iowa and Nebraska are threatening to sue EPA for failing to meet a statutory deadline to respond to their request to allow summertime E15 sales.

Grassley on the strength of the case; “I think it’s very, very strong, and Biden is flip-flopping on his position, and he should be held accountable. And so, you just take every avenue you can, and I applaud the attorney generals for doing that.”

The AGs, ethanol, and farm groups argue if EPA had acted on time, it could have approved E15 for sale this summer instead of in 2024, raising suspicions the delay was politically motivated.