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CNH Industrial Reman Expands Fuel Parts Offering Through Repair and Return Program

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (April 13, 2023) – CNH Industrial Reman now offers a repair and return program as part of its fuel injector and injection pump service line. Designed to quickly repair parts to keep equipment moving, the program provides another solution to save time and money when new or remanufactured parts are unavailable.

The program allows CNH Reman to offer different levels of service and repair in addition to its remanufacturing program. Injection components are received and inspected to provide a Reman and/or repair quote back to the dealer. Once the quote is approved, repairs typically take 3-5 business days and are completed using OEM parts.

“This program can provide a quick, cost-effective alternative when new or Reman parts are not available,” Travis Stewart, CNH Reman product manager, said.

Repair is the more cost-effective choice when minor repairs are needed compared to remanufacturing. The remanufacturing process inspects the damaged part, tearing it down and replacing all the elements before rebuilding the part. This is the better choice when the damage exceeds the level of repair offered in the repair and return program.

Stewart said there are benefits to both the Reman and repair programs and having both expands CNH Reman’s services to customers.

“Our Reman program provides an industry-leading 24-month parts and labor warranty on fuel injection parts. Our Reman fuel injection parts are completely disassembled. All parts are inspected and replaced when necessary with OE component parts,” Stewart says. “Repair may make more sense if the issue is minor and a less expensive point of failure fix is available, particularly on older, cost-sensitive machines.”

The repair and return program offers repair and Reman alternatives. There is an 18-month warranty on repair parts, while Reman parts offer a 24-month warranty on parts and a limited labor warranty.

Most Bosch, Denso and Delphi fuel injection components can be repaired through the program, as well as nearly all CNH and non-CNH OEM brands and short lines.

To learn more about CNH Industrial Reman’s Fuel Injector and Injection Pump Repair and Return program, visit or visit your local Case IH or New Holland dealer.

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