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Lamb Board Building Local Relationships

The continuing trend toward local food sourcing has put hometown butchers and specialty meat shops on the radar of likely lamb consumers.

In June, the American Lamb Board connected with 50 of these U.S. businesses through its new “Butcher Box” direct mail kit. The goal is to reengage with this audience for long-lasting relationships that lead to increased sales of domestic lamb. ALB research found that 24 percent of consumers made retail lamb purchases at independent markets and-or butcher shops. Of those consumers, 30 percent were heavy lamb users, and 35 percent were light lamb users. Some of the selected shops already carry lamb, while some don’t routinely offer it.

The initial 50 butchers have a chance to get selected as one of 25 “American Lambassadors” to advocate for American lamb. For information on the new list of the 25 American Lambassadors and places to buy lamb, go to

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