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NMPF Issues Letter on Lab-Produced “Milk”

The National Milk Producers Federation sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration regarding lab-produced fake “milk.”

A company called Bored Cow calls its product milk, which the U.S. dairy industry says is completely false. “They take water and add what we believe to be one unidentified, lab-engineered ‘whey protein’ along with a highly processed concoction of food additives, preservatives, oil, sugar, and several added vitamins, and claims it is ‘animal-free dairy milk,” says NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern. “It’s baseless, absurd, and preposterous to call the resulting product ‘milk.’”

The federation has repeatedly called on FDA to enforce its identity standards for milk as plant-based fakes have proliferated. It’s now warning the agency that lab-based milk imposters will be next without agency action. Lab-based milk imitators are following the plant-based playbook and plastering “milk” and other standardized dairy terms on products that have nothing in common with true dairy.

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