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Ethanol Groups Applaud Iowa and Nebraska AGs for Taking Action on Year-Round E15

(FARGO, ND) — On Monday, ethanol groups including Growth Energy, Renewable Fuels Association and American Coalition for Ethanol applauded steps taken by the Attorney’s General from Iowa and Nebraska calling on the EPA to finalize the state opt out waiver to allow year-round sales of E15 gasoline. Read comments from the groups below:

Growth Energy Cheers Iowa and Nebraska AGs’ Push for Year-Round E15

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor issued the following statement after Iowa and Nebraska attorneys general filed a petition calling on the EPA to finalize the state opt out waiver that would allow retailers in their states to sell E15—a blend of gasoline and 15 percent ethanol—year-round.

“Last summer, American families found savings ranging from 16 cents to nearly a dollar per gallon by filling up with E15. Studies have also shown that E15 not only saves money at the pump; it delivers immediate benefits in the fight against particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and smog-forming pollutants.

“We commend Attorneys General Bird and Hilgers for their efforts to press EPA to finalize regulations implementing the states’ opt-out of the RVP waiver, a move that would ensure retailers in Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio have the certainty they need to provide this earth-smart, wallet-friendly fuel to drivers year-round.

“EPA needs to act now so that fuel retailers have the regulatory clarity they need to make investments and expand access to E15. We will continue our work with the states and EPA to ensure that consumers in these states will have year-round access to E15 for next summer. And we will continue our work with policy leaders in Congress to enact at nationwide fix that secures a permanent place at the pump for lower-cost, earth-friendly bioethanol blends.”


Earlier this year, the governors of Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio sent letters to EPA calling for parity between E10 and E15 in their states through Section 211(h)(5) of the Clean Air Act, accompanied by research illustrating the benefits of E15 to air quality. After acknowledging receipt of the governors’ request, EPA proposed a rule in March 2023 to make the necessary regulatory changes to implement year-round sale of E15 in those states beginning for the summer of 2024.

RFA Thanks Iowa and Nebraska AGs for Taking Action on Year-Round E15

Today, the attorneys general of Iowa and Nebraska filed a complaint in federal court regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s failure to meet a statutory deadline for promulgating regulations that would reduce evaporative emissions and allow year-round sales of E15 in at least eight Midwest states. In April 2022, the governors of those states petitioned EPA to make the regulatory change; according to the statute, EPA should have finalized the regulatory amendments requested by the governors more than one year ago.

The regulations, which EPA proposed in March, would require fuel suppliers in these states to slightly reduce the volatility of gasoline beginning on May 1, 2024, which would reduce the potential for evaporative emissions and facilitate year-round sales of E15 blends.

“We thank Attorneys General Brenna Bird and Mike Hilgers for taking action to ensure EPA expeditiously finalizes the regulatory changes sought by the governors,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “As we noted in a letter to EPA last week, the marketplace needs time to coordinate and prepare for implementation of these regulations. We have strongly encouraged EPA to finalize the rule before the end of this summer, and we’re hopeful that the action taken by Iowa and Nebraska today will help break the logjam and cause EPA to complete the process as soon as possible.”

Cooper noted that EPA issued temporary emergency waivers to allow continued E15 sales this summer and last summer, but said a long-term solution is needed. “We greatly appreciate the emergency action taken by EPA the past two summers to extend fuel supplies, avert shortages, and keep pump prices lower by allowing continued E15 sales during the summer,” Cooper said. “However, a permanent solution that provides stability and clarity to the marketplace is needed. Finalizing and implementing the governors’ petition as soon as possible will provide the certainty the marketplace is looking for.”

ACE Applauds Iowa and Nebraska Attorneys General for Action to Ensure EPA Finalizes E15 Rule for Midwest States

Sioux Falls, SD (August 7, 2023) – The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) applauded Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird and Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers for taking action to get the Environmental Protection Agency to promptly move forward on finalizing Midwest governors’ request to remove the 1-psi volatility waiver for gasoline-ethanol blends in their states. American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) CEO Brian Jennings issued the following statement thanking them for stepping in:
“EPA has been dragging its feet this entire rulemaking process, and we applaud Iowa Attorney General Bird and Nebraska Attorney General Hilgers for taking action to hold EPA accountable. We join them in imploring EPA finalize the plan developed by several Midwestern states so that E15 will be available next summer.”
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