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AgroLiquid Celebrates 40 Years of ‘Prospering the Farmer’

St. Johns, Mich. (August 29, 2023) – Forty years ago, a desire to change the fertilizer industry brought Troy Bancroft and his father-in-law, Douglas Cook, together to start a groundbreaking company. Now AgroLiquid is celebrating the progress made throughout those 40 years and looking to the future. 

More than 350 AgroLiquid employees and retail partners from across the U.S., Canada and Mexico gathered at AgroLiquid headquarters in St. Johns, Mich., on Aug. 17 to mark the company’s 40th anniversary. 

Bancroft, owner and co-founder, reflected on the needs he and Cook set out to address and the strides AgroLiquid has made in researching and developing new crop nutrition products that maximize outputs while protecting plants. 

“Farmers needed something different,” Bancroft said. “They were looking for foliars, transplant solutions and fertigation options.There was an opportunity to address those needs by providing a true solution chemically and agronomically. We could change the industry. We could ‘prosper the farmer.’ 

Bancroft and Cook co-founded the company in April 1983. Since then, the company has grown to include five manufacturing plants and a 1,400-acre research farm. AgroLiquid has also built a national team of agronomy experts and a network of more than 200 independent retail partners and hundreds of highly trained sales representatives. 

“From day one, our goal has stayed consistent: providing farmers with what they need,” said Nick Bancroft, who took over as president and CEO from father Troy in 2020. “Looking forward to the next 40 years, the goal is the same, but the process has changed.”

Nick Bancroft also credited the AgroLiquid team and partners with driving the company’s mission to prosper the farmer forward. 

“AgroLiquid has a unique organization and infrastructure that puts us ahead of the competition,” he said. “But that is only as strong as the people behind it – those of you here today. We thank you for being here to celebrate with us.” 

Troy Bancroft, AgroLiquid co-founder, addresses attendees at the company’s 40th anniversary celebration. Credit: Natasha D Photography

The company, which manufactures and distributes precision crop nutrition products throughout North America, remains family-owned. In addition to Nick Bancroft serving as president and CEO, Troy Bancroft’s sons Albert and Gerrit are leaders in the company. Albert Bancroft is the company’s workplace development lead and Gerrit Bancroft is operations director. The third generation of Bancrofts is actively involved in the company’s management. 

“I’m proud to be part of AgroLiquid and thank you for being a partner with us,” Troy Bancroft told the crowd. “Thank you for being here today to celebrate with us and those who have gone before us, especially Mr. Cook.” 

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