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Lamb Industry Group Releases Summer SWAG

As the summertime cranks up, American Lamb producers want you to know it’s the perfect time to share American Lamb at fairs, festivals, and farmer’s markets. They’re thrilled to introduce new summertime SWAG items in the Shop on the Lamb Board website.

These items are not just for display but a way for people to proudly promote American Lamb at all the hot summer events on the calendar. For example, the brand new “Ewe are my Sunshine” t-shirts are on sale at two for $30. The design is great for everyday events. “

As direct marketers, we are always looking for cost-effective ways to promote our product at events, and utilizing the professionally curated marketing pieces on the Lamb Board site is a great way to amplify local marketing efforts,” says ALB Chairman Jeff Ebert.

The new apron and recipe books are also a must-have for any grilling and cook-off competitions. Learn more at

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