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Land Restoration Progress Praised During NRCS Visit

By Chris Maestas, State Public Affairs Specialist, NRCS, ND

DEVILS LAKE, N.D.-Ramsey’s 523-acre Wetland Reserve Easement (WRE) includes 126.8 acres dedicated to Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management. Since 2018, several conservation practices have been implemented to fully restore the easement.

The project, initiated by the Devils Lake NRCS office and supported by the NRCS Area Office staff, aimed to enhance the local ecosystem by restoring wetlands and planting native grasses and flowers.

“We have a lot of variety of grasses and native flowers, which the birds, bees, and butterflies love,” said Ramsey. “NRCS was able to help us with the program, and we are still able to maintain the land for future generations.”

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