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ofi Achieves Industry First with Rainforest Alliance Certification for Almonds in US

(London) — ofi (olam food ingredients), a global leader in naturally good food and beverage ingredients, has  earned America’s first Rainforest Alliance certification for its California almond orchards,  underscoring the company’s extensive sourcing and sustainability capabilities.  

As one of the world’s largest almond growers with orchards in California and Australia, ofi’s certification is good news for makers and consumers of almond-based food and drink products,  from cereal bars and trail mixes to milk alternatives and flours. It not only demonstrates responsible  almond sourcing practices to customers but also highlights ofi‘s dedication to its ambitious  ‘Almond Trail‘ sustainability product strategy.  

ofi’s approach to producing high-quality, flavorful almonds with a lower carbon footprint is driven  by its pioneering partnerships with the Almond Board of California and the California Water Action  Collaborative, as well as universities and labs. The collaboration focuses on incorporating high  levels of mechanization and the latest agronomy practices to improve water-use efficiency, ensure best-practice pollinator management techniques, and increase orchard carbon capture  activities. 

“We’re happy that ofi joined hands with us to certify their almond ranches in California. It’s great to  see their commitment to improving practices within the almond industry, from managing pests  and chemicals responsibly to enhancing soil and supporting biodiversity. This move broadens the  choices for sustainability-conscious consumers, who can now enjoy Rainforest Alliance certified  almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews.” – Michelle Deugd, Director Forest and Agriculture, Rainforest  Alliance

Damien Houlahan, Head of Almonds at ofi: “Our approach to responsible almond farming and  supply chain transparency is ambitious, but it goes hand in hand with delivering high-quality products to our customers – and their consumers. This certification reflects our relentless pursuit of  making every almond count toward a more sustainable and equitable future. It’s a testament to  the hard work and dedication of everyone involved with ofi, from our orchard teams to our  operations teams, who have committed to upholding the rigorous standards set by the Rainforest Alliance.”  

As ofi continues its sustainability efforts under its ‘Almond Trail’ strategy, customers and partners  can look forward to the first impact report detailing its 2023 progress, set to be published later this  year.  

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