August 7, 2022
Fargo, US 63 F

Thank You!

It’s ironic that after 48 years of making a living with words that I find myself at a loss of them to describe my feelings as I retire.  I look back in amazement at the […]

Follow the Law

Deadlines are a part of life.  We all deal with them and most of the time we try to meet them whether we like them or not especially if they are required by law.  Unfortunately […]

Long Overdue

It was long overdue but Congress has finally passed an infrastructure bill.  Like most spending bills this one has some good and some not so good.  Overall it does address some needs that have been […]

Full Speed Ahead

Despite recent election results and perhaps because of them, House Democrats continue to push ahead with two massive spending bills.  To some the recent election results indicate a lack of support for these big spending […]


When I heard about a group of beef producers planning to start their own packing plant I thought about a similar effort that took place several years ago.  Back then it was a group of […]

Muddy Waters

Leading up to the 2016 presidential election many farmers told me their biggest issues were selection of Supreme Court justices and the Waters of the US rule.  Donald Trump said he would get rid of […]

Getting Greedy

The recent failure to pass an infrastructure bill reminds us of the dysfunctional way our government often operates.  In recent years both Republicans and Democrats have repeatedly promised passage of meaningful infrastructure legislation only to […]

Energy Sprawl

I’m old enough to remember when urban sprawl was a big concern.  Valuable farmland being taken out of production for development happens all across the country in the name of progress.  Fortunately thanks to the […]

Strings Attached

If you believe government can fix problems or at least make them better then you are probably happy with the Biden administration’s approach on several fronts.  Issues such as livestock markets, meat labels, Waters of […]

Ag In the Courtroom

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the biofuels industry.  A couple of court decisions seemingly have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  After the Supreme Court overturned a 2020 appellate court ruling […]