Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dakota News Network

The Dakota News Network is a respected resource of important information throughout the Dakotas. Staffed by award-winning broadcasters, served by the Associated Press, and featuring active participation of affiliate news departments, the Dakota News Network has been a trusted source for news, sports, and weather since 1984.

Program Team

Mark Swartzell

News Director

Mark is a native of Jamestown, North Dakota with news broadcast experience in Jamestown, Fargo, Bismarck, Wichita, Oklahoma City, and Chicago. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Mary, Bismarck. Mark is a Vietnam-era veteran of the U.S. Navy and a member of Fargo Post 2 of the American Legion.

Steve Carlson


Steve Carlson has covered sports in the Dakotas and the Upper Midwest for over 40 years. As a former sports director, reporter, and talk show host, Steve is a veteran of thousands of play-by-play events. He has covered everything from The World Series to pro and college football championships, high school sports, rodeo, and even sled dog racing!

Program Schedule

DayTime (Central)ProgramLength
Mon-Sat5:55 a.m.South Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat6:06 a.m.North Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat6:55 a.m.South Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat7:06 a.m.North Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat7:55 a.m.South Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat8:06 a.m.North Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat8:15 a.m.Traveler's Weather & Summary3:00
Mon-Sat8:25 a.m.South Dakota Sports4:00
Mon-Sat8:36 a.m.North Dakota Sports4:00
Mon-Sat8:55 a.m.South Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat9:06 a.m.North Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat9:55 a.m.South Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat10:06 a.m.North Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat11:55 a.m.South Dakota News4.00
Mon-Sat12:06 p.m.North Dakota News4:00
Mon-Sat12:25 p.m.South Dakota Sports4:00
Mon-Sat12:36 p.m.North Dakota Sports4:00
Mon-Sat2:15 p.m.Traveler's Weather & Summary3:00
Mon-Fri2:55 p.m.South Dakota News4:00
Mon-Fri3:06 p.m.North Dakota News4:00
Mon-Fri3:25 p.m.South Dakota Sports4.00
Mon-Fri3:36 p.m.North Dakota Sports4.00
Mon-Fri3:55 p.m.South Dakota News4.00
Mon-Fri4:06 p.m. North Dakota News4.00