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John Deere Debuts New 4075R Compact Utility Tractor and MY2024 Upgrades for 3R- and 4-Series Models

CARY, N.C. (May, 15, 2023) — Offering premium power and versatility to its customers, John Deere debuts its 2024 model-year upgrades on its lineup of 3R- and 4-Series compact utility tractors. In addition, John Deere unveils its latest 4-Series model, the 4075R Compact Utility Tractor, equipped to tackle jobs for customers in the commercial snow removal and large-property owner markets. Highlighting increased reliability and technology readiness, the updated 4R-, 4M- and 3R-Series machines feature a variety of improvements to help elevate tractor performance and operator experience, especially in heavy-duty work applications.

“Our customers are always seeking solutions to help get the job done faster and with more ease. Our MY24 compact utility tractors are equipped with game-changing features to help do exactly that,” said Mark Davey, go-to-market manager, John Deere. “By taking our customer-trusted models, and elevating their comfort and performance features, we are setting our customers up for success year-round, even in the most challenging conditions.”

Built with heavy-duty applications in mind, the new 4075R Compact Utility Tractor boasts a 75-horsepower engine and heavy-duty front axle for ideal power and endurance on the job. Building on operator comfort and convenience, the 4075R, along with the full lineup of MY24 4R cab machines, boasts an electrohydraulic (EH) rear hitch control, promoting simplified operation for precise control and repeatability during rear-implement applications. To further elevate performance, packages designed specifically for snow application are available on the 4R cab models to help ensure optimum operation and performance in even the most severe winter weather conditions.

Adding to the full suite of trusted John Deere technology solutions, the latest 4-Series models provide an ideal operator experience with the inclusion of technology-ready capabilities, including integration into the already existing Tractor Plus application.

Keeping visibility in mind, all MY24 3R- and 4R-Series tractors, as well as heavy-duty 4M models, feature lighting enhancements, including LED headlights, LED work lights and an LED beacon light option for cab models. Also new for MY24, customers can benefit from elevated creature comforts, including Bluetooth Radio on the 3R- and 4R-Series cab models.

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