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More Reaction to Supreme Court’s Prop 12 Decision

The Supreme Court decision upholding California’s Prop 12 continues to draw strong reactions from America’s agricultural stakeholders.

Kansas Republican Senator Roger Marshall says he’s disappointed in the Court’s decision not to strike down Prop 12. “We can’t allow radical state laws to dictate the agricultural practices in every other state,” Marshall says. “This will only increase food costs for people already suffering from food insecurity and drive farmers and ranchers out of business.”

Marshall plans to re-introduce his Exposing Agricultural Trade Suppression Act which will prohibit state and local governments from interfering with agricultural production in other states.

Iowa’s Ag Secretary Mike Naig says this decision opens the door for the largest states to dictate laws and regulations to the rest of America. “While the ruling was focused on agriculture, it will certainly creep into other industries,” he says. “It will drive the cost of production and food prices higher.”

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