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NCGA: Biofuels Should be Used to Lower Auto Emissions

The National Corn Growers Association urges the Environmental Protection Agency to use biofuels to reduce automobile emissions.

NCGA Chairman Chris Edgington testified to the EPA during a public hearing earlier this week regarding EPA’s proposed Multi-Pollutant Emission Standards for model years 2027-2032. Edgington expressed frustration that EPA only looked at one solution, electric vehicles, to lower greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions. The NCGA leader says, “EPA’s proposal limits the ability of clean, low-carbon ethanol to contribute greater emission reductions and support affordable options.”

Edgington encouraged EPA to address the serious limitations of its proposal and work with NCGA to level the playing field and advance the needed rulemaking to improve fuel standards.

Edgington added, “Clean, high-octane fuel from mid-level ethanol blends, used as a system with advanced engines, offers an essential pathway for achieving significant greenhouse gas and complementary criteria emission reductions from model year 2027 and later vehicles.”

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