Monday, May 27, 2024
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NDFB Applauds Supreme Court’s Clean Water Ruling

Bismarck, N.D.  — NDFB is extremely pleased with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Sackett v. EPA case. The following is a statement from NDFB President Daryl Lies.
“Farm Bureau has been actively involved with this case for several years. The history of our WOTUS activities go back through the Obama administration, the Trump administration and continue with the Biden EPA.
“While the recent ruling does not halt the Biden EPA’s interpretation of the Clean Water Act, a 9-0 decision against the concept of the ‘significant-nexus’ test sends a very strong message to the current administration.
“This ruling is a huge victory for agriculture across the country and we could not be more delighted with today’s news.”
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