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Oklahoma Wheat Crop a Mixed Bag

It’s a tale of two stories about the Oklahoma wheat crop as drought continues to impact the state. Oklahoma State University small grains specialist Dr. Amanda Silva provides an update on the wheat crop.

Silva says; “Oklahoma wheat production this year is a mixed bag. We have some fields that are looking good. Of course, not up to our yield potential, but looking good considering our conditions. And we have some fields where there is not even any wheat there, so very unfortunate.”

Silva says what good wheat is available may be used for hay; “There’s a lot of need for hay and that’s a point, too, because there are some good-looking wheat fields, but the need for hay is so high, and the prices of it are also good, so we may not see those fields being cut for grain, also.”

Comparing this year’s wheat to that of last year, Silva said both years have been tough years to grow winter wheat in. Silva; “Both tough years, very dry. I think the main difference is just the timing that we got the rain and where we got the rains. I would say that is the biggest shift, is just the regions of the state this year that are doing a little bit better like southwest in comparison to north-central.”

Story provided by NAFB News Service and KC Sheperd, Radio Oklahoma Network, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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