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Solid Corn Ratings in This Week’s Crop Progress Report

(WASHINGTON D.C.)- On Tuesday afternoon, USDA said that this year’s corn crop is off to fairly good start nationwide. The crop is rated 69% good to excellent in the first ratings of the growing season. That was slightly below trade expectations of 71% good to excellent.

Corn planting progress now stands at 92% complete nationwide, up from 81% last week and the five year average of 84% for this time of year. North Dakota took a huge jump in corn planting progress this week going from 32% to 72% complete as of May 28th. South Dakota is now 92% planted on corn as of Sunday, May 28th as well.

Soybean planting nationwide is up to 83% as of Sunday, a jump from 66% the week before and ahead of the five year average of 65%. North Dakota jumped from 20% to 53% complete as of Sunday, South Dakota is now 81% planted and Minnesota is at 86%.

Spring wheat planting is now 85% complete nationwide with North Dakota at 79% complete and Minnesota at 97% complete as of Sunday. The winter wheat crop is rated 34% good to excellent as of Sunday; that is up from 32% last week.

Barley planting is 86% complete nationwide with North Dakota at 78%, Minnesota at 93% and Montana 85% complete. Sunflowers are 28% planted nationwide with North Dakota now at 30% and South Dakota at 28% planted as of Sunday, May 28th.

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