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South Korea Hit by Foot and Mouth Outbreak

Authorities in South Korea have ordered the culling of several hundred cattle and put biosecurity measures in place after cases of foot and mouth disease were found in a central province.

The Cattle Site says the cases marked the first confirmed outbreak of FMD since January 2019. The current contagion occurred on three farms in a province south of Seoul, the country’s capital. The South Korean Vice Ag Minister says related agencies and local governments were asked to make all-out efforts on preventative measures to stop the further spread of foot and mouth disease. A team was sent to the area to investigate the outbreak, disinfect farms in surrounding areas, and put a 48-hour hold in place on all movement of people or livestock in the area.

Foot and Mouth is highly transmissible and causes lesions and lameness in cattle, sheep, goats, and other cloven-hoofed animals. Authorities plan to cull 360 cattle.

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