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The Alltech ONE World Tour begins in Budapest

Central Europe’s agriculture producers will play a major role in addressing climate and food supply challenges around the world. The region’s agri-food leaders discussed collaborative solutions and strategies for success today in Budapest, Hungary, at the first stop of the Alltech ONE World Tour. The event launches a series of international stops that bring the ideas and inspiration of the annual Alltech ONE Conference to the world.

Discussions explored collaborative solutions to the greatest challenges facing the agri-food industry as it confronts the “4 Cs” — the major forces of climate, conflict, consumer trends and rising costs. Alltech president and CEO Dr. Mark Lyons says, “In times of uncertainty, it is crucial for businesses like ours to adapt and innovate.” The Alltech ONE World Tour will continue with stops in Dublin, Ireland, on June 19–20 and Calgary, Canada, on July 3–4, then on to the U.S., Asia, South America and the Middle East. For more information and to register for an Alltech ONE World Tour stop, visit

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