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Tire Grant has Wahpeton Police Department Riding on Soy

FARGO, ND – North Dakota and Richland County farmers, through their soybean checkoff dollars, are giving back to local first responders this year while promoting soy-based innovation at the same time. The North Dakota Soybean Council (NDSC) recently provided a grant to the Wahpeton Police Department for the purchase of Goodyear soy-based tires for their squad car.

“The Wahpeton Police Department has a small budget for tires,” says Deputy Chief Tim Appell of Wahpeton Police Department. “One of our patrol vehicles did not have pursuit rated tires. Without pursuit rated tires, driving the vehicle at high speeds endangers officers and others. Soy-based Goodyear tires are a good quality product, and we thank the North Dakota Soybean Council for their generosity.”

The NDSC provided grants, up to $1,000 per organization, for the purchase of Goodyear soy-based tires. The farmer led board of directors wanted to give back to their communities, while also supporting the various uses for soybeans.

“I’m very glad the Wahpeton Police Department took advantage of our Goodyear Soy Tire Grant,” says Dallas Loff, NDSC director and soybean producer from Wahpeton. “It’s always great when you can see your checkoff dollars at work firsthand. It’s fun when you can use the products locally that are produced from soybeans that are grown locally as well. The soy tires will certainly allow the Wahpeton Police Department to keep up the great work they provide!”

Since 2017, Goodyear, supported by the United Soybean Board’s soy checkoff investments, has released seven lines of tires with soybean oil compounds. The Akron, Ohio based company has increased its use of soybeans by 73% since 2018, according to the company, and pledged to fully replace all of its petroleum driven oils with soybean oil by 2040.

Richland County produced 11,765,000 bushels of soybeans in 2022. Farmers in the county planted 304,500 acres and harvested 304,000 acres of soybeans last year.

“The soy checkoff continues to conduct research and partner with industry to find new ways to utilize soybean oil,” says Shireen Alemadi, NDSC outreach and education coordinator. “With these grants, we’re able to help the promotion of our soybeans, but most importantly help our community, which is very rewarding.”

North Dakota soybean farmers across the state are represented on the North Dakota Soybean Council Board, which oversees a promotion, research and marketing program funded by soybean checkoff dollars. The Council’s mission is to effectively invest and leverage North Dakota soy checkoff resources to maximize the benefits of North Dakota soy. The Council is organized by North Dakota State law.

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