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Truterra Pays Over $9 Million to Farmers for Sequestering 462,000 Metric Tons of Carbon in First Two Years of Program

ARDEN HILLS, Minn., May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Truterra, LLC, a leading agricultural sustainability business that offers consultation, tools and solutions for the ag and food value chain, today announced the results of its carbon program for 2022, which paid more than $5.1 million to farmers for approximately 262,000 metric tons of carbon stored. With these results, Truterra’s carbon program has paid more to farmers, resulting in more sequestered metric tons of carbon as compared to another leading program. In the first two years of the program, Truterra has paid more than $9 million to farmers for over 462,000 metric tons of carbon.

Two-thirds of Truterra employees are farmers or have a family member who farms, so they understand the unique needs of farmers and have crafted programs to foster our farmers’ success. Truterra’s differentiated approach includes:

  • Access to the Truterra™ sustainability tool and agronomic support from trusted advisors, with ag retailers as an essential channel for the program;
  • Offering qualified farmers optimal earning potential by paying based on actual carbon stored rather than a set per acre payment; and
  • No costs for data collection or verification for farmers.

“Farmers are fast realizing that Truterra’s farmer-friendly approach aims to strengthen the connection between sustainability and profitability,” said Tom Ryan, President of Truterra. “By working with and through farmer’s trusted advisor, the carbon program has continued to achieve great success in its second year, and we look forward to continuing to meet farmers where they are in their sustainability journey in order to help them make the best agronomic, economic and environmental decisions for their farms.”

Other notable results from Truterra’s 2022 carbon program include:

  • 273 farmers participating in the 2022 carbon program;
  • An average total payment per participating farmer of over $18,000.

“I had read about carbon programs without giving it much thought until GreenPoint Ag mentioned they work with Truterra and it’s a real thing that I could enroll in and could not only help with my bottom line, but also the sustainability of my farm,” said Robert Walters, a farmer in Alabama.

“At the end of the day, it’s Truterra’s farmer focus that makes us preferential to their carbon program and sustainability solutions, and we are dedicated to helping farmers in their sustainability journey in lock step with the Truterra team,” said Daniel Mullenix, Director of Ag Technologies at GreenPoint Ag.

Beyond Truterra’s leadership and differentiation in carbon, Truterra also offers a range of solutions to meet farmers wherever they are in their sustainability journey, from a soil health assessment, which provides a comprehensive report with actionable insights for farmers to understand the biological, chemical and physical health of their fields, and then create a roadmap for improving their soil health, to our farmer-centric, retail-driven carbon program. Sustainability is not a one-sized-fits-all approach and Truterra is committed to supporting farmers with customized tools, insights and pathways to plan, make and maintain regenerative practices on their operations for the long-term. To learn more about the range of services visit

For a video about Truterra’s farmer focus, please visit our YouTube page. For more information, please visit

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