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Abnormally Dry Areas Expand Across the Corn Belt

The Corn Belt remains abnormally dry to start the summer, however the latest Drought Monitor does report some improvements since last week.

Heavy rains fell this week across some of the western parts of the Central and Southern Great Plains, especially in the Texas Panhandle and western Oklahoma and Kansas, leading to widespread improvements to ongoing drought in the western Great Plains.

Increased drought occurred in the Midwest and western portions of the Northeast, while, in the West, some minor improvements occurred in parts of Nevada, Utah and Idaho.

Krista Swanson, the Lead Economist for the National Corn Growers Association, says the dry weather is likely to stick around another month or so. Swanson; “The abnormally dry area in the United States expanded greatly and now encompasses mostly all of the U.S. Corn Belt. Over the next month, the drought area is expected to develop further, particularly in the Midwest.”

However, relief could be coming soon according to Swanson; “The good news is, that there’s about a 90 percent chance of the El Nino climate phase moving into play in the next couple of months, and generally, that brings favorable weather to the U.S. Corn Belt.”

Swanson made those comments as part of the second episode of NCGA’s new Maize Market Minute.

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