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Bio Huma Netics® Marks 50th Anniversary with New Name: Huma®

GILBERT, AZ — Bio Huma Netics® announced today it is ringing in its 50th anniversary by officially renaming itself Huma®, Inc. The name “Huma” is inspired by the word “humus”: the highly fertile, organic layer of topsoil that brings life to the soil and our planet. Huma® seeks to deliver “Humic Solutions with a Human Touch®.”
Founded in 1973, the three-generation, employee-owned company is a global leader in sustainable humic-based products and technologies, with distribution across the world. Six current agricultural, turf and environmental brands—HUMA GRO®HUMA GRO® TURFFERTILGOLD® ORGANICSMesa Verde Humates®PROBIOTIC SOLUTIONS® and Alpha Synectics—now consolidate under the one Huma® brand name.
Through company-owned humate mining rights, and a proprietary extraction and development process, Huma® provides groundbreaking technology to boost beneficial microbial activity, helping lead to premium crops, healthy soils and clean water. Micro Carbon Technology® is the foundational building block of Huma®, resulting in innovative biostimulant products that naturally increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve soil and plant health, and offer zero-residue crop protection against pests and diseases.
“With Huma® witnessing unprecedented growth, we’re merging our family of brands to streamline our offerings, and ultimately, demonstrate a consistent company fabric across all the industries we touch,” said Huma® CEO Lyndon Smith. “The name ‘Huma’ illuminates our core focus and strength of developing novel humic solutions, all while reflecting the company’s legacy and guiding our future growth and innovation.”
Huma® plans to complete the rebranding process by November 2023, and efforts underway include:
●       A new website
●       A refreshed logo, featuring a trio of circles to portray the company’s three pillars:
  • An orange circle: To signify humanity, with the commitment to honor all stakeholders and individual contributions
  • A green circle: To represent the environment, with the goal of providing products and technologies to help grow food sustainably, as well as wastewater remediation, for clean and safe water
  • A blue circle: To embody technology, with the aim to continue investing in humic science and enhance the quality of life
●       Updated social media handles
●       Upgraded product packaging (pictured above)
●       Renaming the world-class Alpha Synectics Laboratory to Huma® Research & Development, which conducts humic research, along with product development and quality assurance testing
●       Hosting the Huma® World Conference in Gilbert, Arizona, in November 2023
“Changing our name to ‘Huma’ reflects our mission of driving the soil and plant health movement, along with regen ag,” said Fred Nichols, Huma® chief marketing officer. “The transition also promotes brand consistency, further empowering us to trailblaze innovative, all-natural humic solutions for a greener planet and greener bottom line for our customers.”
To learn more about Huma®, visit Follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to stay connected with the latest news and updates.
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