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Corn and Soybeans Show More Stress on Weekly Crop Progress Report

(WASHINGTON D.C.)– Lack of rainfall continues to take it’s toll on corn and soybean crops nationwide as of Sunday, June 18th, 2023. Nationwide, corn condition fell six percent to 55% good to excellent while soybean condition fell five percent to 54% good to excellent.

The nationwide corn rating is the lowest for the crop this time of year since 1988 and the soybean rating is the lowest for this time of year since 1996. Poor to very poor ratings for corn climbed to 12% nationwide while soybeans climbed to 12% as well this week.

The biggest condition drops came in eastern Corn Belt states as Illinois corn and soybean conditions stand at just 36% and 33% good to excellent respectively. Indiana conditions are at 56% good to excellent for both corn and soybeans while Iowa conditions are at 59% and 56% respectively for corn and soybeans.

The Dakotas and Minnesota are still doing ok for corn and soybean conditions with North Dakota 63% and 53% good to excellent respectively. South Dakota corn and soybean conditions are 48% and 50% for corn and soybeans while Minnesota’s crop stands at 67% for corn and soybeans both in the good to excellent category.

Spring wheat nationwide is at 51% good to excellent this week, which is down nine percent from last week’s rating. We saw double digit declines in the Dakotas with North Dakota rated 55% good to excellent and South Dakota at only 32% good to excellent. Minnesota’s spring wheat crop is rated 67% good to excellent as of Sunday.

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