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Drought Tightens Grip on Midwest, Eastern Great Plains

The Midwest and east-central Great Plains saw conditions worsen with widespread crop stress and lower stream flows in this week’s Drought Monitor.

Heavy rains in parts of Ohio and Kentucky led to some improvements in the short-term drought. However, much of the Midwest saw conditions stay the same or get worse, especially in central Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, southwest Wisconsin, southeast Minnesota, and southeast Iowa. Almost completely-dry weather in Missouri and southern Illinois created potential problems for corn and soybean production. In southeast Iowa, producers reported rolling corn leaves and stunted soybeans.

The weather was varied in the High Plains. Much of the northern parts, except for eastern Nebraska and eastern Kansas, saw widespread precipitation, some of it heavy. Conditions got drier in southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas. Much warmer than normal temperatures covered the western half of the South. Most of the West was near to below-normal in temps during the week.

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