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EPA Still Considering eRINS in RVO Rule, Grassley, Cornyn to Fight

The Environmental Protection Agency is still considering including eRINS in its final Renewable Volume rule the agency’s required by court order to issue by the middle of the month. But two Senators are leading the charge to stop that from happening.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator John Cornyn of Texas are sponsoring a bill to head off the EPA plan to cover eRINS from biogas projects like anaerobic digesters that make renewable electricity for EVs. Grassley; “The current eRINS proposal is another way to prop up the EV industry while lowering the value of RINS for ethanol and biodiesel. And you know what that does to the biofuels industry.”

Something Grassley says the Renewable Fuels Standard never intended; “It’s clear that the RFS was written to support homegrown biofuels, not Chinese-produced batteries.”

Prompting Grassley to join with an oil-patch Senator to oppose the plan. Grassley; “Senator Cornyn and I, as a result of what the administration’s doing, introduced a bill to preserve the Renewable Fuels Standard and prevent another handout to the EV manufacturers. We’ve heard rumors that the administration is waking up, finally, might be pulling the eRINS proposal because of the bill.”

But Grassley says the EPA says it may still include eRINS in future Renewable Volume rules.

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