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Historic Milestone in Animal Health Care Reached by South Dakota Vaccine Company

(Brookings, SD) — The USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB) has allowed animal health company,  Medgene, license to produce and market a USDA – approved category of vaccines called Platform  Vaccines to the cattle industry. Specific cattle vaccines available under this new Platform Vaccine  category include Influenza D, Coronavirus, Rotavirus, and Papillomavirus. 

Medgene’s vaccine approaches leverage USDA-approved “platform technology” guidelines that are  safe, and easily adapted to multiple animal disease targets. The result is the development of vaccines  and an understanding of how diseases move across species and geographies within a fraction of the  time of traditional vaccine approaches.  

Dr. Alan Young, Chief Technology Officer for Medgene, began foundational work in Platform Vaccine  technology in 2010. “Vaccines have come a long, long way since their first use in the late 1700s. We’ve  learned that diseases, no matter what the species, have a lot in common. But by focusing on the unique  genetic components that are different, we can create vaccines that are far more efficient.” 

Veterinarian and advocate of Platform Vaccines, Bob Gentry, DVM, stated “For the veterinarian, Platform  Technologies improve our option in providing care. We can identify a disease and provide a vaccine  within weeks instead of years. For animal owners, that can mean tremendous differences in the health  of their animals.” 

Medgene announced their receipt of USDA licensure at a June 9 event held at Iowa State University’s  Research Park facility in Ames, Iowa. Medgene CEO, Mark Luecke, stated, “Getting Platform Vaccines  to market has been a team effort. From government regulatory to university research to the  extraordinary team at Medgene, Platform Vaccines are a historic example of teamwork towards a  common goal – improving animal health.” 

Medgene’s Influenza D, Coronavirus, Rotavirus and Papillomavirus vaccines are available to licensed  veterinarians.

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