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Importance of Social Security in Rural Communities

Social Security is vital for many in rural communities and must remain solvent for future generations. As the nation remains mired in a period of high inflation, the need for Social Security is growing, according to AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl.

Voskuhl; “It is hard to overstate the importance and impact of Social Security. For most people over retirement age, Social Security is their largest source of income, and it’s even more important for rural residents and farmers who may not have 401Ks or IRAs. Given these realities, we must keep Social Security strong.”

Social Security puts retirement in reach for millions of Americans, however Voskuhl says the critical program faces a long-term shortfall. He says; “If Congress doesn’t take action to protect and save Social Security in the next ten years, your Social Security could be cut 20 percent – on an average of $4,000 a year. Social Security isn’t a handout — we’ve paid into it our entire working lives. It’s only fair that politicians protect the money we’ve earned.”

Many Americans have little or no savings. People are living longer, and employer-paid pensions are increasingly scarce. Fortunately, AARP’s Social Security Resource Center can help them navigate those challenges.

Voskuhl; “AARP’s Social Security Resource Center has the answers to important questions, so when Americans are thinking about retirement, they know how to access what they’ve earned. You’ll find a benefits calculator, and a place to take action and tell your elected officials how important Social Security is to you and your family.”

Find AARP’s Social Security Resource center at And learn more Thursday night at 9 pm Central Time on RFD-TV, or online at

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