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Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills QB, Kicks Off Star- Studded Line Up on Like a Farmer Video Series

LAKELAND, Fla., June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Josh Allen is a household name best known for his touchdowns on Sunday nights—but he’s also a farmer.

That’s the premise behind the new Like a Farmer video series, presented by AgAmerica, available on all major streaming platforms and YouTube starting today.

VIDEO: Jesse Allen talks with Pat Spinosa about the new show in the video above

“We’re missing targeted programming for the backbone of the American economy—farmers! There isn’t anything out there focused on showcasing all the different people who not only have a passion for agriculture and land ownership but take an active role in it. –Pat Spinosa, Like a Farmer host

During its pilot season, Like A Farmer will host big names, who you might know for their contributions to country music, pop culture, or sports. But what most viewers might not know about is each guest’s passion for agriculture.

Since his roots growing up on a cattle and citrus farm, series host, Pat Spinosa, has had a particular passion for shining a light on the American farmer. He hopes that by showcasing household names who share his passion for rural America, he can help celebrate the American farmer and educate the American people about the importance of the heartland of our nation.

In the premiere episode, Josh Allen equates training for the Bills opening season with his hard-earned grit growing up on his family farm.

“The stuff I’m doing is hard—working out, keeping your body in shape…but it’s not harder than moving an irrigation pipe in 115 degrees.”

Tune into Like a Farmer with Josh Allen to hear about:

  • Allen’s love for the Bills Mafia community
  • Where to get Allen’s favorite wings in Buffalo
  • Allen’s surprising hidden talent
  • The new crop Allen is growing on the farm that he calls a “superfood”

The show is sponsored by AgAmerica, a financial institution for rural America focused on supporting farmers, ranchers, and landowners throughout all stages of their business. In addition to Like a Farmer, Spinosa has championed initiatives within the company such as AgAmerica Giving, focused on educating the next generation of farmers, and the AgAmbassador Program, which partners with influencers from different industries to build a network of support for farmers.

Watch and subscribe to the Like a Farmer show on YouTube.
Listen to the first episode here.

About Like a Farmer:
Like a Farmer is a podcast and video series that spotlights accomplished individuals from diverse industries and their inspiring stories of overcoming adversity and achieving success. Pat Spinosa interviews everyone from household names to local celebrities while they celebrate the culture and lifestyle of rural America.

About sponsoring entity AgAmerica:
As a trusted financial lender for farmers, ranchers, and landowners across the nation, AgAmerica provides financial resources and counseling to help sustain the future of agriculture with a mission to keep farmland in the hands of farmers. The AgAmbassador Program is a key part of our mission to connect influential brands with rural communities. In partnering with AgAmerica and the Like a Farmer podcast, partners gain unique opportunities to build brand awareness and create authentic connections with the heartland of America. With our extensive network and industry experience, we are committed to driving real results and making a positive impact for all involved.

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