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Lawmakers Seek PFAS Farm Bill Funding

A group of lawmakers is asking for Farm Bill funding to help rural communities with PFAS contamination. In a letter to leadership of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees, the lawmakers say, “It is imperative that we take decisive action to provide assistance and relief to those affected by PFAS.”

The use of PFAS chemicals in various industrial and commercial applications has led to widespread contamination, posing a significant threat to our environment, public health, and agricultural systems. Farmers and rural communities, in particular, bear the brunt of PFAS contamination, according to the letter, as it affects their drinking water, soil quality, and livestock health. The lawmakers urge Farm Bill writers to include the Healthy H2O Act within the legislation.

The bill aims to address PFAS contamination in water supplies by funding water testing, treatment, and remediation. The effort was led by Senator Democrat Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine.

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