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Legislation Supports Advancements in Ag Research and Innovation

Several senators introduced legislation to invest in public research, develop regionally adapted seed varieties and animal breeds, and enable the U.S. to maintain a robust food and ag system.

The Seeds and Breeds for the Future Act promotes the development of ready-to-use, regionally adapted, and publicly available seed varieties and animal breeds. This would give farmers more tools to confront drought and varying growing conditions, and to have plant and animal varieties that are better suited to their area. Regionally developed seed varieties often result in substantial increases in hardiness and yields. It will also ensure America’s farmers have access to domestically produced seeds and breeds that are developed through publicly available research.

“We must make sure our farmers and producers have the tools they need to adapt and compete on a global stage,” says bill co-sponsor Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. “This will make sure our research keeps up with farmer innovation.”

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