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PLC Leads Grassroots Campaign Against BLM Land Rule

The Public Lands Council launched a grassroots campaign regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s Proposed rule titled “Conservation and Landscape Health.” The proposed rule creates significant concerns about changes to the BLM’s authority to manage the nation’s public lands and opens the door to removing livestock grazing from the range.

“The BLM must follow the law in managing our nation’s public lands for multiple uses and sustained benefits for all,” says PLC Executive Director Kaitlynn Glover. “Public lands grazing is an important conservation tool that protects these landscapes and is integral to national food security.”

PLC also wants to remind the bureau that grazing is an essential use of America’s public lands, and they hope all stakeholders will join the agency in sending a letter to the BLM’s leadership underscoring the responsibility to be good partners, especially since they’ve “fallen short,” according to Glover. The agency stops accepting comments on July 5.

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