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Pork Export Numbers Look Promising

Pork exports during the month of April saw opportunities for growth. A recent U.S. Meat Export Federation press release showed those exports were up 15 percent over a year ago.

National Pork Board employee Kelli Wicks expanded on the data; “We’re looking at 243,000-plus tons, which is exciting because that contributed $67.56 per head to the slaughter. So, it really kind of shows the carcass return to our producers, especially in tough economic challenges, and so, to be able to highlight that with producers is really exciting.”

One area of growth for the pork industry has been South Korea, which saw its largest growth in four years.

Wicks said; “One percent in value and 13 percent in volume, so getting those exports out there and then probably really focusing on those variety meats to South Korea, which is where a lot of that value return is going to go back, and so that’s also incredibly exciting. The whole ASEAN region saw immense growth in the April exports, so great markets to have our focus on.”

Mexico continues to be number one in volume and value, but the expansion in the Philippines and Malaysia brings attention to the report.

Wicks; “The Philippines had an increase of 64 percent in volume and 57 percent in value, so the relationships there, I think, are looking to improve. Tariff reductions have continued in place for the rest of 2023. But then we look at Malaysia and that’s just really exciting with over 1,000 percent in growth of volume and value, which is incredible. So, it’s another market, I think, will be really key as a relationship moving forward.”

Based on recent trends and increased EU costs, there has been a decline in production, which means less competition overseas. Visit for more market information.

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