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1st Grand Farm Field Day at the Innovation Campus

The Grand Farm Education and Research Initiative, powered by Emerging Prairie, capitalizes on the region’s potential and expertise in the agriculture and technology industries. The Grand Farm Initiative will accelerate the research and innovation into technology which will be present on the farm of the future – impacting North Dakota, the United States, and the World by solving challenges in the agriculture industry and developing new opportunities.

The Grand Farm Initiative is designed to inspire collaboration among businesses, organizations, and researchers to develop the future farm, which we believe will solve issues critical to farmers worldwide.

We had the opportunity to be at Grand Farm’s 1st Field Day near Casselton, ND. We chatted with Grand Farm’s Andrew Jason-Ecosystems Director and Ann Nobriga-Program Manager of Field Operations about the event and what to look forward to in the future. Listen below:

There will be more Field Days and events at the Innovation Campus and elsewhere coming up for Grand Farm. Find out more at their website:

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